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Bob Charman, Audio Engineer

Stockport Sound Studio

Stockport Sound Studio is a fully equipped, modern, recording studio located in the Gilbert Valley of South Australia, about 100 kms north of Adelaide, just south of the Clare Valley Wine Region. We can also offer a limited amount of on-site , bed and breakfast style accommodation, at very reasonable prices. You can enjoy the country lifestyle and complete your recording in the pleasant surrounds of the Gilbert Valley, SA. We are also in close proximity to other, related, businesses that offer mastering, production and video services. The three of us were the team that produced the music video, Sitting On The Edge of the World, by Charlotte Broome Morton and Georga Harris., shown on our recordings page.

Stockport Sound Studio – Floor Plan

The main studio area, at Stockport Sound Studio has a neutral sound, is suitable for instrument or vocal recording and is equipped with a pair of RCF ART 310 speakers, plus a variety of monitoring headphones. This room contains our Baby Grand Piano, Hammond L100 “valve” organ with Leslie, Clavinova Electric piano, Juno 6 Synthesiser and a Technics KN800 Synthesiser. Additionally, we have a large number of guitars and basses, an upright bass and a range of amplifiers.

Stockport Sound Studio also includes a Drum Room that is naturally live, and has a Vintage Pearl Drum kit with Zildjian and Paiste cymbals, which, of course, can be removed for your own kit. This room is equipped with a selected number of microphones for recording drums, a set of high isolation headphones, specifically for drummers, and dedicated headphone monitoring.

Next there is the vocal booth which is specially deadened to ensure no natural reverb and an entirely dry signal, this has headphone monitoring facilities and is usually the home of our vintage ribbon microphones. Provision has been made in this room for use as an isolation booth, to be used for remotely recording guitar amplifiers, etc, where isolation from the amplifier is required.

Additionally, there is the control room designed on the “Live end/Dead End” principle for correct listening. This room has a selection of monitoring speakers, including Alesis Monitor 2, large format, 3 way studio monitor speakers, Alesis Monitor 1, medium format, 2 way studio monitor speakers and Yamaha S15, small format studio monitor speakers. These allow monitoring for re-mixing, and a representation of the sound from a home stereo, or car radio/MP3 player. This is the home of our custom built, dual TASCAM M3500 desk, the digital recording system and the tape machines, plus the outboard equipment.

We offer 24 track digital recording and 24 track analogue, tape, recording using both the latest and vintage equipment.

Our digital system is comprised of a purpose built, Windows 10 PC, by Valleytech, running Reaper 6.43 DAW. This is accessed via a MOTU 24 I/O interface which allows 24 simultaneous inputs and 24 simultaneous outputs, this is, in turn, is connected to a 24 mono, 16 stereo channel, TASCAM M3500 mixing desk.

Our analogue tape system comprises a 24 mono channel TASCAM M3500 mixing desk, connected to a Fostex G24S 24 track tape machine, a Scully 280 8 track tape machine and an Otari MX7000 2 track mastering tape machine. This allows complete 24 track to 2 track recording entirely in the analogue tape domain.

The digital system has a huge number of ITB plug-ins and the analogue tape system includes a number of outboard effects units, to create the ideal recording in either analogue or digital.

In addition to the recording equipment, Stockport Sound Studio offers a number of microphones, both modern and vintage. The vintage microphones include a selection of vintage ribbon microphones, including an RCA 77DX ribbon, an RCA 74 ribbon, a Shure 330 ribbon, a Zephyr 40 RD ribbon, a pair of Zephyr 33RA/RD ribbons and a Steanes R47 ribbon.

Steanes R47 Ribbon Microphone

Our modern microphones include a selection of dynamic microphones from Shure, Beyer, Sennheisser, AKG, Electro-Voice, Nady and Connaught Audio. Condenser microphones include a pair of Rode NT1s, a Sony C48, a Sony ECM MS-957 MS Stereo mic, a pair of AKG C1000, a Studio Projects T3 Valve Microphone, and a Nady TCM1050 Valve Microphone.

Sony C48 Condenser Microphone
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