The Dementia Daddies – Going Home

Sitting On The Edge of the World, Words & music; Charlotte Broome Morton and Georga Harris.

Vocal Arrangement: Charlotte Broome Morton, Georga Harris

Arranged and Produced by: James Stewart-Rattray, Desert Dog Studios.

Mixed and Mastered at: Desert Dog Productions & Studio, Auburn, South Australia…

Engineered by: Bob Charman, Stockport Sound Studios

Recorded at: Stockport Sound Studios Stockport, South Australia

Video Produced and Directed by: Stu Nankivell, Blue Goanna Digital, Clare South Australia


Charlotte Broome Morton, Georga Harris – Vocals and Guitar.

James Stewart-Rattray – Electric Bass, Hammond Organ, String Synthesiser, Guitar .

Lainie Jamieson – Piano, String Synthesiser.

Enrico Mick Morena – Drums and Percussion

Filmed on location in and around the Clare Valley, South Australia

Regional Creative Facilitator for Legatus Group: Sarah Cheesmur

Thanks to: Desert Dog Productions & Studios, Auburn, South Australia; Stockport Sound, Stockport, South Australia; Blue Goanna Digital, Clare, South Australia; Legatus Group; HATS Inc (Heritage Arts Traditions) Auburn Court House for location shoot.

This project is supported by the Music Development Office (within the Department of Innovation and Skills) and the Government of South Australia

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